Pure Source Ink Story

CBD Health Boom

Cannabinoids, most notably cannabidiol (CBD), is becoming more popular by the day. An explosion of new research into the benefits of CBD is taking the world by storm, and the known useful applications of these compounds is only increasing. From holistic healers to big pharma, everyone is becoming aware of this plants amazing benefits and jumping into the hemp world. Many of the known and established benefits of CBD and other compounds in the hemp plant, are used for very serious health issues affecting millions. So with so many critical uses for health, why tattoo care?

Our Journey

We love the benefits of cannabinoids! We founded our company in our Northern California home of Humboldt County doing boutique small batch cannabis extraction before we dove into the hemp world. When we discovered CBD derived from hemp, we were blown away by the positive effects and wide availability. Initially we were giving away CBD based products to friends and family and saw they were experiencing the same positive results. Our passion for hemp and its compounds compelled us to start creating our own products. While many entering this field now are chasing money, we were and continue to be driven purely by passion. We want to get as many people as possible using and benefiting from hemp and its compounds.

Why Tattoo Care

With so many serious health applications for CBD, tattoos might seem trivial, and you might be right about that, but the amazing results these products achieve with tattoo care, are truly incredible. I began using the aftercare on my work and couldn’t believe the outcome. The significant reduction in pain and swelling, the radically reduced healing time, and a noticeably better healed result, I was inspired. So yes, tattoos are not as serious as things like seizures or chronic pain, but this application is just so damn COOL and works so well!

Tattoo collectors like myself, and artists want this living artwork to heal well, and be preserved and maintained for many years to come. This led us to expand the line from just aftercare to protection, and brightening! All the products are designed with CBD and other moisturizing anti-aging properties that give you skin the best! The aftercare and protectant are so well made, someone without a single tattoo could literally incorporate both into their skincare routine and see radiant results.

Heal, protect, and revive. Whether you just got ink, want to preserve and protect your existing work, or you want to breathe some life back into some well-aged work, we have you covered.

If you have passion for tattoos, a passion for hemp, or if you have passion for both, you have to have Pure Source Ink! We will continue to listen and innovate and find new ways to merge the incredible power of the hemp plant with having the best tattoo experience possible.

Our CBD products have literally lead to award winning results for artists and customers. Seeing is believing and we continue to see amazing results, and you will too. We love our products and we love the tattoo community. We will see you out there.

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